General service

General Service is the most effective method of preventive maintenance. Generally, this is all you need to keep your car performing like new.

Highway checkup

Get your vehicle inspected by us before you undertake that long journey. Typically, fifteen minutes is the time it takes for a quick highway checkup during which we inspect the parts that have the most likelihood of spoiling your trip or leaving you stranded on the highway. Best of all - we do not charge for a highway checkup. Its FREE! You only need to pay for parts that may need replacement/refilling.

Signature service packages

Introducing IgNite's Signature Service Packages - the only service regime your car will ever need.

Each package has been exhaustively designed to ensure that not a single maintenance aspect of your car goes unnoticed. These proprietary service packages offer more number of check points than the regular manufacturers service schedule.

Signature Service Packages


Brake overhaul

Brake inspection is an important safety procedure and is carried out as per the manufacturer's recommended intervals, general service and during highway check up.

Suspension overhaul

Suspension is the only link that exists between you and the road. Hence it is important that it does its duty as it is supposed to. Bad suspension can contribute to rough ride, improper and unsafe handling and excessive wear on tyres. We usually detect suspension problems and advocate replacement of parts only if they are worn out beyond serviceable limits.

Engine overhaul

We specialize in rebuilding engines and blue printing them to factory specifications.  In the unlikely event that your engine needs a rebuild or you wish to infuse new lease of life we offer you rebuild expertise and attention to detail like no one else.

Our engine rebuild procedures leave no lapse and take no short cuts.  And we do this at costs that are considerably lower than authorized dealerships.

HVAC overhaul

With ultra-sophisticated BOSCH ASC600 system and highly qualified technicians we can identify problems in your AC system effectively and offer solutions at very competitive prices. Again, we eliminate all trial and error practices. Just press the Auto button and enjoy the ultimate comfort your car has to offer after your HVAC system has been attended to by us.


Performance modifications

It is a known fact that manufacturers make the same car for you, me, the guy next door and the person at the grocery store.  But you and me want something more than others.  That's where we come in. We can modify your car for better handling, more power, better brakes, better ground clearance, etc.

Bodywork, detailing and fabrication

We offer advanced and conventional methods of body repairs using the best of materials cost effectively.  Original surface finish and shade match are assured.

Car Detailing – the buzz word in the market today.  But when it is done by a specialty workshop, the results are there gleaming for you to see.  After all we love cars and there are very few things that excite us more than a good looking car and we know it's the same for you


Electronic diagnostics

Your car tells you when it needs a service.  It needs to be told back that the service has been carried out.  We do that as part of every service carried out.  Also, seemingly simple maintenance (even disconnecting and reconnecting the battery), replacement of timing belt, pumps and sensors need adaptation or coding.

We are adept at doing this. Also, seemingly simple maintenance (even disconnecting and reconnecting the battery), replacement of timing belt, pumps and sensors need adaptation or coding.

ECU Remaps

We have tied up with some of the best tuners in the country to offer the best for your car.

We also offer a host of tuning boxes and performance parts, all tried, tested and proven on each of our own vehicles before they are installed on yours.