About Us

Our History

IgNite was started in 2009 by a qualified Automobile engineer to provide the highest levels of car care. What is true now was true and even more relevant back then. Although world class cars have made they foray in India, quality service remained a distant dream - the only options for owners being Authorised service centers that keep the maintenance costs staggeringly high or road side shops that resort to spurious parts and trial and error methods of diagnosis only to ruin good cars.

IgNite was intentionally started away from the city to keep overheads low with ample space for road test which we feel is very important - you can't fix what you can't feel! We restricted ourselves to intake of just 5 cars per day and concentrated on them completely to give maximum attention to detail and finest service possible. Our efforts were recognized by car enthusiasts and word spread. We are proud of the fact that we have not spent a rupee in advertising ourselves and all our business has been through wordvof mouth and reference.

We have been reviewed by senior members of leading automobile forums favorably, cars prepared by us have won at some of the toughest motorsports events, have been associated with Porsche for service of their cars at our facility, gone on to start another branch, partnered with several international brands. Nine years on, but one thing that has not changed is our love for cars and zeal to provide impeccable service.